• A Small Rehearsal

    A Small Rehearsal

    In this short, Etienne van Rooyen(saxophone), Frank Freeman(guitar) and Anton Esterhuyse(paino) perform a small rehearsal, a warm up session that’s both playful and light-hearted. ©2013 Play Light...

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  • The Hidden Moon of the Twilight

    The Hidden Moon of the Twilight

    Justinovia Kettledas is a actress and drama lecturer who has a passion for poetry and people! Contact Justinovia: justi@live.co.za...

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  • Stay


    Stay is a a music video written by Xavier Saer, featuring Lana Enslin. The story of two lovers fighting to find each other.. © 2013 Vida Brava...

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  • Phoenix


    A short fire-dancing film, featuring Dirk-Hannes van den Berg. We filmed this to test out the Sony FS700 slow-motion capabilities in low light....

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